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Hi there, I’m Sheila…

the lawyer behind Curated For Two.

After graduating from Georgetown Law, I practiced as a matrimonial attorney, handling all facets of family and intimate relationships. While I had the pleasure of handling joyous adoption cases, I also witnessed the unraveling of more marriages than I’d like to recount. My career gave me unique and up-close opportunities to sit and talk to wives, husbands, children,  caretakers, teachers and others.

These experiences taught me three fundamental truths about marriage:

  1. It’s spectacular when done right.
  2. It’s painful when done wrong.
  3. It’s seldom done right without thoughtful, heart-felt help.

These bedrock beliefs (and countless nudges from colleagues) guided me to create Curated For Two.

Here at Curated For Two, my sincerest desire is to help you succeed at marriage (and family) by guiding you through and around the communication and personal circumstances that derail many well intentioned couples. I do that by personally curating each of your needs through my general services (below).



Love Coaching

Getting Ready For Love: This Primer 101 ensures you have worked through interpersonal, family and/or time management issues that get in the way of Love. There are homework and reading assignments.


Finding Love: For some people, time is not the factor standing between them and their ideal mate. It’s access. I source candidates, create custom outing plans and provide comprehensive concierge dating support for select clients.

Pre-Marital and/or First Year Support

Keeping Love: There are many, Many, MANY topics love-struck couples simply neglect to discuss prior to co-habitating and /or marrying. I will take you and your mate through a rigorous program to minimize (or eliminate) surprises that derail relationships.

Maintaining Love: The first year of marriage can be difficult for people who may not have had the benefit of Love Coaching, Matchmaking or Pre-Marital Support. And there are some couples who prefer the extra security (and insurance) of an on-call marriage specialist. I offer first year support where we work as a group (and sometimes with one spouse) to negotiate any areas of tension in the fledgling marriage.

Pre and/or Post Childbearing Support

Integrating Baby Love: Children are glorious. They simultaneously bring loads of joy and loads of unchartered terrain. No worries, with pre and post baby support, we’ll work through the MYRIAD of issues a family addition can present.  I HIGHLY encourage pre-baby support. If you’re expecting a child, please consider selecting this service.

Seven Year and/or Ongoing Support

Rekindling Love: Remembering our joint goal of marital success, I offer long-term support for couples, particularly those who have friends whose relationships have failed or are struggling to thrive.

Additionally, if you feel the spark has somehow left the marriage and you or both of you want to brave the path of confronting the issues you are facing, I am here to support you and most importantly, the marriage.


Finally, given the sensitive nature of the services I offer, all clients and participants sign a non-disclosure agreement and all communication receives the benefit of attorney-client privilege.


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